Dzojchen Sustainability

Sustainable fashion concerns more than just textiles and products. It must address the interdependent social, cultural, ecological and financial systems of fashion. To that end, the Dzojchen brand is not only pursuing fashion evolution but also, fashion industry evolution. 

In line with its commitment to ecological integrity and social justice, Dzojchen has realigned its business model, transmuting its design, assembly, distribution and marketing strategies towards greater sustainability in both practise and product.

Innovation, emotionally durable design, premium quality fabrics, extended garment lifespan and conscious production volume for elimination of stock wastage, are fundamental Dzojchen objectives going forward. 

Rather than being bound entirely by the compulsion of high waste, season-specific, value-depreciating production cycles, Dzojchen has adopted an independent cycle of Dzojchen Collections and Multi-drops driven by consumer dynamics, moods and opportunities; prioritising inspiration over volume and including a seamless option for pre-order purchase to facilitate a more sustainably-conscious management of production volumes.

Dzojchen creates One-of-a-kind pieces, Limited Editions, Mens and Womenswear Collections, and Custom Collaborations. In all these categories, Dzojchen champions sustainable value through ‘timeless’ exclusivity of design and quality. Included within Dzojchen’s Fabrics Library is a collection of curated heritage  fabrics.

Underpinned by premium-quality fabrics and impeccable tailoring, Dzojchen and Dzojchen Custom garments prolong customer attachment to their purchase and its use-life; guaranteeing fashion sustainability emotionally as well as materially and aesthetically. 

With Dzojchen’s own factory and exclusive partnerships with family-owned, third-generation, quality-centric production partners, Dzojchen is able to maintain meticulous standards of craftsmanship, while simultaneously championing equality, creating growth opportunities and adhering to a strict code of ethics.

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