‘I am Dzojchen’. Wear your story.

Dzojchen Custom nurtures the co-creation of a uniquely personal fashion idea and facilitates its reality. The one-of-a-kind mastery of Dzojchen Custom brings together premium tailoring with self-expressing creativity.

When a custom suit is envisioned, you are the start-point. Investing it with your unique identity, desire and inspiration.

Handmade, impeccably tailored, perfectly fitted and distinctive down to the last detail, a Dzojchen Custom suit is an exclusive masterpiece of sartorial self-expression, born from the customer’s own imagination and taste. Unmistakably Dzojchen, yet uniquely personal.

With Dzojchen’s design assistance, access to its extensive fabric library, and the benefit of Dzojchen’s in-house custom-production craftsmanship, you are provided all the tools you need to capture the spirit of your own, inimitable storyline.

You will discover the Dzojchen Fabric Library is a veritable collector’s jewellery box of fabrics, custom-produced and sourced from some of the best mills in the world, including cashmere wools, fine silks, eco-fibres, artisanal brocades, jacquards and heritage fabric collection.

Our master tailors will apply meticulous standards of artisanal craftsmanship to every aspect of your creation, from style to silhouette, fabric to fit, lapel to lining, trims to hardware.

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