The Dzojchen Brand

Dzojchen (pronounced doh-jen), is the inspiration of its owner and designer Chelsea Scott-Blackhall. Born of her Singapore and British descent, it is a brand rooted in the contrasting cultures, practical and philosophical influences, of East and West. A brand with multiplicity embedded in its DNA. 

A brand inspired by Chelsea’s innate flame for curiosity, exploration and discovery, coalescing to create one melting-pot vision...her Dzojchen vision for a new luxury fashion.

The most differentiating characteristic of Dzojchen is expressed in the one-word definition of the brand’s essence: IndiviDUALITY.

Dzojchen is about paradox and duality. Unexpected balance from contradiction. The power of opposing energies and forms within us, co-existing in harmony to realise one’s full potential. Wholeness from juxtaposition.

In both fabric and form, Dzojchen harmonises seemingly contradictory fashion styles, creating cross-conventional fashion dualities that express a wearer’s self-confident indiviDUALITY.

Refined cuts with bold expression. Contemporary Classic. Subtly Striking. Relaxed Exclusivity. Bold but controlled, playful yet poised.

Chelsea’s work driving her unique aesthetic, derives from challenging the possibilities of silhouette, texture, fabrication and stylistic pairings. Creating a refreshing new balance between modernity and tradition that is influencing the evolution of menswear and has been lauded for some epoch-making moments.  

Dzojchen’s much sought-after One-of-a-kind pieces, Limited Editions and critically-acclaimed Men’s and Women’s Collections seen on the Fashion Week runways of Paris, New York, Singapore and Seoul, have achieved global success; and the brand is becoming one of the most sought-after collaborators in fashion.

Premium tailoring, impeccable detailing and exceptional fabrics are pillars of Dzojchen’s creations, combining to underpin the uncompromising quality and distinctive identity for which the brand is renowned.

The Dzojchen Fabric Library is a collector’s jewellery box of fabrics, custom-produced and sourced from some of the best mills in the world; cashmere wools, fine silks, eco-fibres, artisanal brocades and jacquards adding highly distinctive texture to each Dzojchen storyline. 

And with its own factory in exclusive partnership with a family-owned, third-generation, quality-centric production partner, Dzojchen maintains meticulous standards of craftsmanship, while simultaneously evolving its goal of being a highly conscious and sustainable brand with a social and environmental equilibrium. 

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