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Dzojchen (pronounced doh-jen), launched in 2013, is the inspiration of its owner and designer Chelsea Scott-Blackhall. Born of her Singapore and British descent, it is a brand rooted in the contrasting cultures, practical and philosophical influences, of East and West.

Dzojchen is about paradox and duality. Unexpected balance from contradiction…the fusion of seemingly opposing fashion dualities in a subtly-striking balance. Present in both fabric and form, the brand’s aesthetic embraces and exploits cross-conventional styling to capture the brand’s hallmark ‘IndiviDUALITY‘…refined cuts with bold expression, creating polished street styles which are contemporary-classic, poised + playful.

Premium tailoring, attention to detail, and custom fabrications are pillars of the brand’s Men’s and Womenswear Collections, seen on the runways of Paris, New York, Seoul and Singapore Fashion Weeks.